Strategic Negotiations

  • B.Sc. Seminar
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • 1. Termin: 17.10.2023

Strategic Negotiations

This seminar aims to develop your negotiation strategy and improve your negotiation skills. After a general introduction to basic concepts of negotiations, you will actively negotiate as part of many negotiation cases, for example from the Harvard Program on Negotiation. Thus, theory and examples will be followed by immediate application of the methods learned. You will have to deal with 1×1 negotiations, group negotiations, video analyses, mediation training, and preparation strategies. You will encounter a wide range of negotiation settings, such as job and salary negotiations, business negotiations, sustainability negotiations, intercultural negotiations, international conflict resolution, online video negotiations, and of course student vs. professor negotiations. This seminar can also be quite entertaining, but of course, students need to participate actively.

Learning Goals

prepare for a negotiation, understand fundamental theories of strategic behavior in negotiations, quickly identify and adapt to the negotiation environment, learn to control your personal strengths and weaknesses in negotiations.

Examination Format

  • Group presentation of a negotiation case (50% of the grade)
  • Written analysis of a case (about 3-5 pages) (50% of the grade)


  • before October 17th: Zoom ”getting-to-know-you” negotiation with the lecturer
  • 17.10, 31.10, 7.11, 14.11, 21.11, 5.12, 12.12, 9 am–12 pm: Templergraben 64, 5th floor, room WiÜ
  • 9.1 and 16.1, 9 am–12 pm: Group presentations, Templergraben 64, 5th floor, room WiÜ
  • February 11th, 11:59 pm: Submission deadline for the student papers



Further Information

For any further information, please send me an email to the lecturer, Prof. Dr. Thomas S. Lontzek.