Climate Risk Management & Economics

  • M.Sc. Seminar
  • Vorlesung und Übung
  • 4SWS, 10CP
  • > 1. Fachsemester
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Climate Risk Management & Economics

This interdisciplinary course deals with economic aspects of climate change and its risks. The first part of the course consists of thematic presentations by the lecturers and discussions. Students will be introduced to climate change and learn to view this phenomenon from different angles – such as economic, technological, sociological, and ecological ones. In the second part, the course is structured like a seminar and deals with more specific topics related to climate change risks – such as catastrophic events, ecosystem conservation, emission scenarios, political uncertainty, multilateral agreements, resource and energy usage, and technological uncertainty – as well as the economics and possible management actions that can be taken.

This seminar is offered in cooperation with the Chair of Energy Economics and Management.

More information from WiSe2020/21 can be found here and in the handout.